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Maritime Transport Services

This Note has been prepared at the request of the Council for Trade in Services in its Special Session held on 27-28 March 2001. It updates and complements document S/C/W/62 dated 16 November 1998. The Note includes 1997 data which were not available at the time of drafting document S/C/W/62, and generally covers the period until 1999. Additional elements are presented on subsectors that, due to lack of time, had not or only partially been dealt with before (e.g. liner, harbours, classification societies, bulk, offshore, cruise, multimodal). Nevertheless, the Note cannot be considered as reasonably exhaustive, given in particular the absence of a comprehensive database on regulatory aspects, apart from the replies to the questionnaire of the NGMTS, which are now largely outdated, and the paucity of available information on developing countries. Each of the two parts of the Note – General Developments and Sectoral Developments – first addresses economic and then regulatory issues and deals with classification questions when relevant.

Additional Info

  • Type: Background Note
  • Sector: Transport Services (Air, Land, Maritime)
  • Special Focus: Negotiations
  • Geographical Level: Multilateral
  • Published by: WTO - World Trade Organization
  • Year: 2001
  • Language: English