What we do

Case Studies

The project will be preparing a number of case studies, primarily with a view to better understanding factors influencing ‘best practise’ interventions across a range of services-related topics.


Drawing on insights from the case studies and related project research, toolkits will be developed to serve as practical reference guides for policymakers and negotiators. These will offer highly targeted and practical suggestions to overcome specific challenges, ensuring accessible language for diverse audiences.


Two ‘pilot' regional workshops will be delivered, aimed at providing an integrated training experience across the project’s themes. 

Outreach & Dissemination

Various outreach and dissemination activities will be undertaken, including through articles, briefing papers, and Geneva-based activities. The project website will anchor this area of work.


The project website will serve as an information hub on a broad range of service-related topics. It will also enable experience-sharing amongst practitioners on selected issues.