Services Data Collection Training Module

This training module provides guidance and strategies for developing country officials to better collect and compile services trade data.

The coverage of services trade data, both aggregate and at the sector level, remains a challenge for Low-income (LICs) and Least Developed Countries (LDCs) whose policy-makers and trade negotiators remain in the dark about what services they are trading with which countries. This training module includes a number of resources, including a video presentation and toolkit, intended for officials from central banks, national statistical institutes as well as Ministries of Trade, Commerce, Finance and others.

Training Video

The below video (and accompanying presentation) starts with an introduction to trade in services data. It goes on to review insights from recent research about the 'good practices' of other LDCs and LICs for improving their trade in services data collection.

Click here for a lighter version of the video.

The presentation from the video can be downloaded here.